How much does it cost?

We have a fair system of charging per square foot. All areas to be cleaned are accurately measured and objects that are not to be moved are taken into account. We do not charge for areas that are not cleaned. We only clean after the quote is approved by you. Call us to help give you an estimate over the phone or by email, just be sure to have an idea of your room sizes and number of stairs. See below.

What method of cleaning do you use?

We use the pre-spray and hot softened water extraction method, or more commonly known as Steam Cleaning. This is the most widely and in some cases only recommended method of carpet cleaning approved by carpet manufacturers.

Will my carpets be soaked and take days to dry?

Absolutely not! With our truck mounted equipment and normal environmental conditions, the carpet is dry in a few hours. In some cases the rooms we started with are dry before we leave! We pre-spray all areas to be cleaned with specific detergents and rinse away the soap and soil back to the truck. This expensive equipment is designed to remove as much soil and water possible to achieve the cleanest, fastest drying carpet possible.

What is truck mounted equipment?

While we do have a high powered portable machine for out-of-reach areas, truck mounted machinery is the best choice for our clients. We arrive at your home or business with a supply of our own pre-softened water, the only items that come into your building are the wand, hoses, pre-spray tank and our spotting agents. The gas powered machine is outside in the van and is many times more powerful in terms of vacuum power, water psi and water temperature (80 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than your hottest tap water!). The equipment specs cannot be matched in a portable unit that uses your water and electricity. Most important to you, our client, is that the carpet, upholstery, and tile is as clean as possible, dries fast and causes the least amount of disruption to the home or business.

Can’t I just rent a machine from the grocery store or home improvement store?

Certainly, but be prepared for a back-breaking, long, hard day of cleaning using under-powered equipment and sub-par detergents. These machines remove less soil, take longer to dry and use detergents in the machine that get left behind in the carpet. This leads to rapid re-soiling and inconvenience.

What is square footage and how do I measure a room?

Square feet is the length of a room multiplied by the width. You can get a rough idea by using your feet, heel to toes and pace the room, length then width and multiply. If it is a fully furnished bedroom and you wish to have only the open areas cleaned, the square footage will decrease as well as the cost to clean. We do not charge for square footage not cleaned. We use an accurate electronic measuring device to determine the square footage.

Can I save money by emptying the rooms beforehand?

Yes at Excellent Cleaning you are always dealing with the owners and we are reasonable people. Yes we will be cleaning more square footage but it is actually easier and faster to clean empty areas and we are happy to pass along a savings. Our price is agreed upon before the start of every job.

We are moving into a new home, should we clean our carpets before we move in?

This is an ideal time to clean all the carpets, baseboard to baseboard. Remove the previous owners’ soils, allergens, and foreign matter from the carpets (especially if they had pets) and start fresh. After you have lived in your home for a year or so, maintain the open, traffic areas of your carpet and keep them fresh and clean for many years. Again we have special rates for empty homes to fit your budget.

Do you remove stains?

There is a difference between a spot and a stain. Spots are created by foreign material spilled or tracked in; surrounding the fibre and can be removed with cleaning and/or special spotting agents. Stains are foreign substances penetrating the fibre and changing the fibre itself. An example of a stain would be bleach or dyes and may not be removable. Usually during our pre-inspection these stains can be identified.

We think we have pet accidents but aren’t sure exactly where.

Excellent Cleaning has methods for locating pet urine deposits and have the knowledge and treatments to effectively deal with each situation. We will always make you aware of the best, most effective way to deal with the situation at hand.

What is tile and grout cleaning?

This is a restorative cleaning method using high water pressure and a special tool combining with specific cleaning agents. Imagine pressure washing your kitchen floor without the mess! Most tile floors are not sealed along the grout lines that trap and accumulate soil. This is very hard if not impossible to remove with a mop and bucket. Our process and machinery will restore the appearance to like new condition without the use of harsh acids. Check your grout lines near a wall or under the stove to see what colour your grout lines should look like, that is what we can restore it to.

Do we have to be home the entire time for the cleaning?

That is your choice. Rest assured we are licensed, insured and bondable. We do have many clients that leave us alone in their home. As for pets and small children we recommend they be isolated from the cleaning areas until the work is completed.

Do you have green cleaning products?

We have products available at no extra charge on request that are endorsed by third party certification firms for asthma, allergy sufferers as well as green certified cleaning agents. Keep in mind we pre-spray and soft hot water rinse all cleaning detergents in all cases which minimizes residues much like the rinse cycle on your laundry washing machine. You would not wash your clothes with detergent without rinsing and neither do we when we clean your carpet or upholstery.

What should we do before Excellent Cleaning arrives?

Vacuuming, particularly if you have pets, is helpful as well as moving breakable objects to a safer area. Arrange to have your pets, small children kept away from the cleaning area. We would also ask that we have a parking spot within a reasonable distance to the home to run our hoses back to the truck.

What should we do after Excellent Cleaning leaves?

Ensure adequate ventilation to decrease drying times. Homes should not be sealed closed without running the HVAC system, using ceiling fans or leaving windows open. Leave any furniture protectors under the legs until completely dry. It is fine to walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning so long as you limit outdoor to indoor activity and have clean footwear. Care should be taken when going from slightly damp carpet to hard floors to prevent slipping.

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