Tile & Grout cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning method will restore a like-new appearance to your tiled floors. Most tiled floors have not been sealed along the grout lines and over time they become built up with dirt, oils and grime. This build up can be almost impossible to remove with a mop and bucket approach. Take a look in a tiled closet or under the refrigerator or stove and compare the condition of the grout lines to the rest of your floors. This is the appearance we can restore your tiled floors to. Imagine pressure washing your floors without the mess or need for harsh, dangerous acids!

In a restaurant or commercial setting, we can remove the thick, slippery built up soil that is embedded into grout lines in kitchens. This greasy soil leads to slips and falls and in many cases is the source of that 'mysterious odour' that can't seem to be found.
Again, a mop and bucket approach will not remove this kind of soil. Browse our dramatic pictures of actual cleaning results.

We use our truck mounted machine with special tools, high water pressure, heat and vacuum power to remove years of built up soil quickly and effectively. Never waste another hard, back breaking day trying to clean your tiled floors, call us to restore them and advise you how to maintain them for years to come!



Flood water extraction

Water infiltration in your home is an unfortunate reality in many Canadian basements. Whether the water comes from a broken sump pump, sewage plumbing, water heater or burst pipes it is critical to remove the standing water as fast as possible and dry the structure in the least amount of time.

Don't assume that carpet that feels dry is dry beneath the under pad. Remember the carpet was soaked from below it first then above. We have experienced clients that assumed they removed the water with their 'shop vac' only to experience a 'wet dog' smell in a few days. That smell is the beginning of potential mould growth and is almost always wet under pad!

We are associated with a local disaster restoration company and except for small clean water incidents we refer flood damages to them. They utilize our company for our powerful truck mounted vacuum and they in turn have the specific knowledge, experience and drying equipment to deal with all types of flooding.

Time is of the essense when dealing with water in the basement. Many building materials, belongings ect can be salvaged when dealt with promptly and effectively. Don't allow mildew then mould to spread, we can help advise you on the best course of action.

Carpet cleaning

Our carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction or more commonly known as steam cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers endorse this method as the most effective and in some cases the only approved method for carpet cleaning.

Using our state of the art truck mounted carpet cleaning machine combined with professional cleaning detergents your carpets will be as clean as possible in the most efficient manner and will dry faster, in some cases nearly dry as we are leaving! See our FAQ section for more information on what truck mounted carpet cleaning is and why you should insist on the truck!

When we arrive at your home or business we always perform a walk-through with you to discuss the areas to be cleaned, items to be moved as well as any areas of concern. We believe this to be a very important step to qualify the job and use the correct detergent to achieve the best possible results. This is particularly important for homes with pets to locate and properly address pet accidents. We also carry green certified detergents and a special 'non detergent' for those people with sensitivities. All areas will be electronically measured and the final price is determined before the work begins, there are no surprises with our company.

Call us today and experience why our motto is Exceeding Expectations to Earn your Referral! We recognise that customers that receive better than expected value will be eager to tell family and friends about our company. Remember that we are an independant, locally owned and operated company, you are always dealing with the owners, Jessica and Larry, from the moment you call, to the closing of the door to your freshly cleaned home or business.






Upholstery cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning service will remove the body oils, pet dander, spills and soils that can dull the appearance of your sofas, chairs and mattresses. Your upholstery is much like the carpet in your home, and helps to capture airbourne pollutants and absorb spills. Periodic deep cleaning using our wet cleaning method will extract these soils away and prolong their appearance and service life.

Mattress cleaning will benefit people with allergies by removing the dander and dust mites that we all know resides within our mattresses. Our vacuum power far exceeds any household unit and will dry as fast as possible.

New microfibre fabrics have become very popular and are very durable and pleasant in appearance, but in our experience seem to be a magnet for oils and dirt. Our cleaning method will restore these fabrics and prolong their life, especially if you have children and pets and find it hard to keep that sofa or chair looking clean. Call or email us today to discuss your concerns and needs.

In a commercial setting we are becoming more aware of poor indoor air quality and the negative effects it imposes in the office space. Cleaning the carpets, upholstered chairs and the much forgotten fabric partition walls is an important step to improving the indoor air quality of the office space. Call us today to schedule a visit to your office to discuss our rates and benefit by combining carpet and upholstery cleaning at the same time to save time, money, and improve the indoor air quality.

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