Flood water extraction

Water infiltration in your home is an unfortunate reality in many Canadian basements. Whether the water comes from a broken sump pump, sewage plumbing, water heater or burst pipes it is critical to remove the standing water as fast as possible and dry the structure in the least amount of time.

Don't assume that carpet that feels dry is dry beneath the under pad. Remember the carpet was soaked from below it first then above. We have experienced clients that assumed they removed the water with their 'shop vac' only to experience a 'wet dog' smell in a few days. That smell is the beginning of potential mould growth and is almost always wet under pad!

We are associated with a local disaster restoration company and except for small clean water incidents we refer flood damages to them. They utilize our company for our powerful truck mounted vacuum and they in turn have the specific knowledge, experience and drying equipment to deal with all types of flooding.

Time is of the essense when dealing with water in the basement. Many building materials, belongings ect can be salvaged when dealt with promptly and effectively. Don't allow mildew then mould to spread, we can help advise you on the best course of action.

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