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Disaster Remediation

Excellent Cleaning Plus

Artie and Larry, Co-owners of EXCELLENT CLEANING PLUS are excited to launch our Facebook Page!
Our Disaster Restoration Company may be small in size but we are BIG on SERVICE!
Personal service by the Owners…
How many times have you heard stories about Restoration Contractors that made BIG promises but came up short??? Delays, excuses, lack of communication or even showing up!!!
And worse than that, you had to endure an unfortunate and unforeseen emergency, a flooded basement, smoke damage or some other mishap in your home or workplace! This is stressful enough.
You NEED the situation stabilized immediately, and repaired as quickly as possible to return your life back to normal.
We understand this and it is why we created this new Company! Let us show you the PLUS, in Excellent Cleaning PLUS!

25 years EXPERIENCE in the Industry
Private or Insurance Claims
Insured and WSIB Registered

705-834-1054 Larry
249-385-5607 Artie
Open When YOU need US