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Tile & Grout

Our tile and grout cleaning method will restore a like-new appearance to your tiled floors. Most tiled floors have not been sealed along the grout lines and over time they become built up with dirt, oils and grime. This build up can be almost impossible to remove with a mop and bucket approach. Take a look in a tiled closet or under the refrigerator or stove and compare the condition of the grout lines to the rest of your floors. This is the appearance we can restore your tiled floors to. Imagine pressure washing your floors without the mess or need for harsh, dangerous acids!

In a restaurant or commercial setting, we can remove the thick, slippery built up soil that is embedded into grout lines in kitchens. This greasy soil leads to slips and falls and in many cases is the source of that ‘mysterious odour’ that can’t seem to be found.
Again, a mop and bucket approach will not remove this kind of soil. Browse our dramatic pictures of actual cleaning results.

We use our truck mounted machine with special tools, high water pressure, heat and vacuum power to remove years of built up soil quickly and effectively. Never waste another hard, back breaking day trying to clean your tiled floors, call us to restore them and advise you how to maintain them for years to come!