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Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning service will remove the body oils, pet dander, spills and soils that can dull the appearance of your sofas, chairs and mattresses. Your upholstery is much like the carpet in your home, and helps to capture airbourne pollutants and absorb spills. Periodic deep cleaning using our wet cleaning method will extract these soils away and prolong their appearance and service life.

Mattress cleaning will benefit people with allergies by removing the dander and dust mites that we all know resides within our mattresses. Our vacuum power far exceeds any household unit and will dry as fast as possible.

New microfibre fabrics have become very popular and are very durable and pleasant in appearance, but in our experience seem to be a magnet for oils and dirt. Our cleaning method will restore these fabrics and prolong their life, especially if you have children and pets and find it hard to keep that sofa or chair looking clean. Call or email us today to discuss your concerns and needs.

In a commercial setting we are becoming more aware of poor indoor air quality and the negative effects it imposes in the office space. Cleaning the carpets, upholstered chairs and the much forgotten fabric partition walls is an important step to improving the indoor air quality of the office space. Call us today to schedule a visit to your office to discuss our rates and benefit by combining carpet and upholstery cleaning at the same time to save time, money, and improve the indoor air quality.